IODA - International Organization Development Association

Basic Principles:

IODA has been a worldwide association of organisation delevoper since 1985.
IODA's aim is to live the values of the modern organisation developer model. You can see this for example in the way IODA is structured or the way we develop strategies, come to decisions or exercise control. The structure is local and multicultural, operation methods are democratic, participative and transparent. The members of IODA take care of the integration of all cultures, local or national commissions and groups.


IODA-members are jointed by the collective ambition to strengthen the lobby of the modern organisation developer in all member countries effectivly. Experiencing multicultural values and exchanging international experiences IODA-members make a contribution to the development of intercultural tolerance in our global world.

IODA Highlights:

Highlights of the organisation life is the world conference each year. The world conference offers a platform for exchanging experiences, knowledge an methods between members and interested colleagues. The conference takes place in different countries at all continents to spread out the principles and methodology of Organization Development.

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Visit us on Video of the OD-World Summit, Budapest August 2012