Our slogan - Your success!

Healthy & competent in the job - for vital companies with prospects!

What do you need, to be successful?

1.  Your employees seem to be exhausted and demotivated?
We show you strategies against Burnout at work. You build a healthy organization.

2.   Your company needs some fresh energy?
We help you, to keep your high perfomers and skilled employees.

3. You want to train your staff and your managers and you want to expand human  resource development?
We support you with training, coaching and concepts!

4.  You are gridlocked or you do not know how to solve a conflict?
We moderate for you!

5.  Your volume of sale could be better?
We qualify your sales team!

We guarantee you customized programms

Service portfolio of the Dr. Ulla Nagel GmbH

Professional Employee
+ Healthy Organization = Sustainable Company
Analysis of Mental Stress and Strain as well as Resources
  • surveys
  • diagnostic interviews
  • management feedback
  • innovation circles
  • health circles

Evaluation of Mental Endangering

  • psy.Risk® guide lines
  • advanced risk assessment

Resource Development

  • prevention classes
  • health coaching

Prevention consulting

  • healthy employee
  • Health Care Management in a Company
Learning plattform psy.Res®-online

Health Check for your Company:

How sustainable is your company?

  • health dimensions of a sustainable company
  • innovation workshop for a company check

Quality Check Call Center


Executive Coaching


Overview Service Portfolio of the Dr. Ulla Nagel GmbH